Tuesday, October 26, 2010

13 Weeks

13 weeks...I can hardly believe that I am able to say this. That I could possibly be pregnant. But I am here & loving it. I will take all the symptoms in the world because one look at the sweet little one growing inside me makes it totally worthwhile. So I figure why not start with the pregnancy updates & keep everyone tuned in, so here goes nothing:

How far along: 13 weeks & 4 days (to be exact)

Weight: So far I haven't gained anything. I lost 5 pounds early on due to extreme nausea. So I have put the 5 pounds lost back on but I don't count that as true weight gain, I just started eating again.

Maternity clothes: No not really. I am starting to look like I devoured a dozen donuts on my own so I have bought some maternity clothes but haven't wore them yet. I have been wearing a belly band because I feel like it helps me feel comfortable.

Stretch Marks: I have had them since I went through puberty. i anticipate that they will get worse but I haven't noticed a change yet.

Sleep: Generally I sleep well with frequent bathroom breaks. Last night & the previous night I have gone to bed with a horrible pounding headache so I didn't sleep very well. Unfortunately the headache is still here this morning GRRR This darn Tylenol isn't touching it.

Best Moment of the Week: Getting a call from the Dr. office saying the chances of Down's & Trisomy 18 are very slim. I am praying for a happy healthy little baby.

Movement: Nope not for a while I assume.

Food Cravings: This week I have been craving for anything potatoes. Augratin, french fries, wedges, mashed... You name it I'm eating it. I am hoping this craving goes away fast or I'll be packing on the pounds.

Gender: Our scan is scheduled Dec. 6th, so 41 days from now we should know. It sounds crazy but I have a feeling it's a girl.

What I Miss: Sushi & Diet Pepsi

Milestone: I am planning on telling my boss & my family this week. To me, it just doesn't feel real because no one knows yet. I can't wait to be able to talk openly above a whisper to everyone I know about my wonderful gift.

How's Daddy: He is so excited. He has started to rub my tummy & even confided in a work friend that I am pregnant.

Emotions: The are ever changing & range from crying to happy to pissed in a matter of minutes. I am excited & scared to tell everyone. I want the world to know this beautiful thing I am going through but again I am scared telling will be a jinx. I really hope I don't announce to the world & then something bad happens.

Friday, October 8, 2010

11 weeks & very busy

I have been THE WORST blogger ever! My life has been super crazy lately. I got a new full time job working at a hospital. This week was my orientation & my first day on the floor with a preceptor. I also had to work my second job yesterday & today I am tired! I got to stop suppositories & estrogen pills this week. YAY no more panty liners & no more leaking all day long. Monday is my first real OB appointment. I am really curious what a normal OB appointment will consist of. I know I have to pee in a cup but other than that I am slightly clueless. Friday I see a maternal-fetal medicine specialist for a 4-D ultrasound of my little bean. I have no clue what they are checking for with this but I will be sure to ask a million and one questions. What an exciting & busy week ahead.

*Update* Actually had to reschedule my Ultrasound to next Wed. because my husband can't make it Friday. But I found out jelly bean is the size of a lime today YAY!