Saturday, September 25, 2010

9 weeks

I am officially 9 weeks 1 day pregnant. This week was the most perfect week I have had in a long time. Monday I received a call from the only hospital willing to interview me as a new nurse saying I got the job. I was frantic and forgot to ask whether the position was for day shift, night shift, evening shift or if they work 8 or 12 hour shifts. Tuesday was a relaxing day spent at home in the pjs. Wednesday DH & I went to visit the RE. It was an amazing appointment. First of all it was with MY doctor, secondly it was with my FAV ultrasound tech. We got to see how much our little jelly bean has grown.

It now has a very big head, little arms that flex and rest on top of it's chest, a nice round belly, and cute little legs that flex. Our baby's heart was pumping away at 179 beats per minute. After the ultrasound tech got all our measurements my doctor said, "Let's see if we can see it wiggle." I was thinking yeah right, in all the books I read it never said you would be able to see bean move at all. Then my doctor asked me to cough deeply three times. Immediately after the third cough my little one wiggled all over the place. It's little arms wiggled, waving hi to mommy & daddy. It's little head was wiggling too. I was on cloud 9! Could a day like this get any better? YES! After seeing our ultrasound the doctor said we GRADUATED! The news was almost bitter sweet. I was sad to be saying goodbye to such an amazing medical staff, but excited to be moving on in my pregnancy. We scheduled our first appointment with the regular OB for Oct. 11. The RE also wants me to see a maternal-fetal medicine specialist to get a 4-D ultrasound around 11-14 weeks. DH & I spent the rest of the afternoon together shopping and relaxing! How could the rest of my week not be perfect when it started off the way it did?!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Let the worrying begin

Today makes me 7 weeks 4 days. I have had terrible ALL day nausea with no vomitting. But I am still very excited that there is a little jelly bean inside me. I went and visited my IVF "coach" Danielle yesterday. She had a successful IVF & now has 2 very handsome 5 week old boys. I really enjoyed talking to a veteran about all the feelings I'm having. It was also great getting lots of advice! I am trying my hardest not to stress but I am a worrier by nature. I worry with every little twinge/cramp I feel. Not only do I have the IF type worries (will this baby make it, how many days until my next ultrasound, etc..) I am also having the normal parenting worries (is it safe to have this, is that safe for me to do,...) Like I said I TRY not to worry but it's near impossible. Our next aapt. is in 8 days & counting.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First pregnant ultrasound

Today was my first ultrasound. DH was able to take the whole day off from work and we were really excited! I was pretty nervous because I am very aware how early I am & how many terrible things could happen. We arrived at the RE just in time & were quickly called back to the ultrasound room. Our anticipation was GROWING...and growing...and growing, as we sat there for 30 minutes waiting. FINALLY the Dr. & Ultrasound tech came in (YES!) We transferred 2 really healthy looking embies & I was ready to see if they both decided to stick around. At first, the ultrasound tech had difficulty viewing anything because of the stupid suppository. She started again fresh & instantly we saw our little Jelly Bean. It has a really big head (like daddy), little arm stumps, and an amazing flickering little heart. We weren't able to hear the heart beat but the Dr. told us it was 117 and looked "fabulous". My husband & I are absolutely ecstatic to see our little bean on the big screen. However a little part of me is sad for the other little guy that didn't stick around.

Our next ultrasound appointment is in 2 weeks & I CAN'T WAIT!!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


According to the internet & based on my ER I am 5weeks & 6days PREGNANT. The nausea has struck me hard the past couple days. I would say "morning sickness" but that implies that it leaves in the afternoon. I also have super nose & can smell anything good, bad, & really bad from a mile away. I am still weighing in around my pre-IVF weight =) YAY!!! I am ecstatic to have my ultrasound next week. I am hoping & praying I can hear my little bean(s) heartbeat. Hopefully I will post pictures Tuesday for everyone to see.