Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Beta results are in...

My Hcg today was 1,069. My sweet nurse D called & practically squealed CONGRATULATIONS into my ear. She was very excited with my "solid" Hcg number. After I got off the phone with my nurse my Dr. called. He was even more excited & said that he feels very good about this.

I immediately called DH @ work & no answer. AHHHH I am so excited, no answer, I NEED to tell him. I call 3 more times & then called his work cell (reserved for very important calls) NO ANSWER! I am dying over here, can't wait to tell him. FINALLY he calls back & I tell him the good news. He was ecstatic but at work so had to maintain his composure. He said he will jump around & scream with me when he gets home.

Next step is another Hcg Thursday & if that looks good an ultrasound next week. AND I get to cut back the yucky suppositories to twice a day instead of three times.

Waiting is the name of the game

I feel like with IVF all we do is WAIT. First you wait for AF so you can start BCPs, then wait to start stims, then wait to see when you'll have your ER, wait to see how you embies are growing, wait for transfer day, wait to see if you are pregnant...wait wait wait! All this waiting is driving me crazy.

Waiting for my beta results & hoping I can keep it together until then.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Beta Tomorrow

My first Beta HCG is tomorrow at 7 a.m. I am such a mix of emotions. I have POAS 5dpt, 7dpt, 9dpt, 11dpt, & 12dpt and all came back BFP. I have a genuine feeling that I am pregnant, which makes me sound like one of those women who acts pregnant & pokes their belly out from day 1. I can't really explain why I think it will be positive but just small twinges, feeling exhausted, light cramping...

On the other hand I am feeling extremely nervous. What if all those HPTs were just flukes? What is I get the call from my nurse tomorrow & it's a BFN? I will be completely devastated!

So the nerves kick in until tomorrow's call from the nurse...

Saturday, August 21, 2010

2WW bites the big one!

Okay guys I have been a VERY bad blogger lately but things happened so quickly that by the time I had one post in my head something new had happened. Since I last posted LOTS has happened. So I had my egg retrieval on Friday August 6. The Dr. was able to retrieve 20 eggs!! Out of the 20 eggs, 14 were mature & 9 fertilized. We had 3 embryo frozen from our previous cycle but only 1 made it past thawing. So we had 10 embryo ready for PGD. On day 3 one cell from each embryo was sent away for genetic testing. Out of the 10 embryo, 5 had the mutated cancer gene. Day 5 was my transfer day Wed Aug 11. Together with our Dr. we reviewed the PGD report & decided to transfer our #2 & #3 embryos (#1 had the cancer gene). My Dr. seemed extremely enthusiastic about the quality of embryo we transferred.

Transfer day didn't go as smoothly as I had hoped it would. My ovaries were still swollen & pretty large which made me feel like my bladder was fuller than it actually was. I was TERRIFIED of peeing on the table. It didn't help that the u/s lady was forcefully pushing on my stomach with the u/s wand. So my kind Dr. emptied my bladder for me so I could rest comfortably on the table.

SO here I am in the 2WW & it blows! I am an increadibly impatient person so waiting & I don't go well together. I have been naughty & POAS on 5dpt, 7dpt, & 9dpt. I still have three HPTs left & intend on using them all. So far I have gotten BFPs but I know not to get my hopes up. i think more than anything I am using these as something to pass the time. Plus my super sweet DH loves to read the results for me =) So the waiting continues until my beta Tuesday 8/24.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Murphy's Law (A.K.A. Alicia's Law)

So yesterday was day 4 of Follisitim & Menopur. I had an U/S & bloodwork in the morning. My U/S tech said that my follicles weren't quite measurable yet but they were getting close. Yesterday around 4 p.m. one of the nurses from my clinic called & said my Estrodial (E2) level was high 656. She said they wanted to take me off the Follistim & see me back for monitoring the following morning.

I went this morning for day 5 U/S & BW. I had about 6 follicles that were measuring in around 10, 11, & 12. I asked the tech if this was a bad thing? She said that it isn't necesarily a bad thing but that I may be responding quickly to the stims. Hopefully my E2 returns to an acceptable level & I don't hyperstim.

More than that I am terrified of this cycle failing. I keep telling my DH I don't know what I will do if it doesn't work this time. What if my cycle get's cancelled because my body is stupid? I am filled with the "What Ifs" & it's driving me crazy. Please continue to think of me during this cycle!