Monday, February 14, 2011

29 week bump update

How Far Along: 29 weeks & 3 days

Weight: +10 pounds

Maternity Clothes: OH YEAH! But I do still fit in my regular jeans.

Stretch Marks: I am starting with some faint strecth marks to my sodes.  But I am doing my best to lather up with cocoa butter.

Sleep: I am having some serious trouble sleeping. I am a belly sleeper so sleeping on my sides has been really hard. My back has been killing me when I wake up in the mornings.

Best Moment of the Week: Watching my baby girl wiggle around & send sharp kicks to my belly.

Movement: All the time!! I read that this week she will be even more active than she has been & boy is that the truth.  I had my 1 hour glucose test & she went crazy after I drank the "punch."

Food Cravings: COOKIES, sweets, cereal.

Gender: GIRL! We are naming her Aubrie Madalyn.  We even finished her nursery (minus some furniture).

What I Miss: Regular Pepsi, Motrin, and sushi.

How's Daddy: He has been so supportive & caring.  Being pregnant I have been going through crazy mood swings and craving.  My loving husband has done everything I have asked plus some.  He even helped me pick out shoes for baby girl at Babies R Us.

Emotions: I am really getting excited to have Aubrie here with us.  We toured our maternity unit and it made everything seem so much closer.  I can't believe in about 74 days she will be here making our lives so special.  I just can't wait!! 

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  1. Hi Alica,

    I love your blog! My husband has bilateral retinoblastoma. How did things turn out? How is being a nurse. I would love to connect. Happy Holidays! All the best, Shannon