Sunday, May 9, 2010

On to the next big thing

One week from today I will graduate from Nursing School. After that it's on to the next BIG thing =) And by next big thing I mean BABY!! I am starting to get anxious & excited all over again! After my last egg retrieval I was so sad and beat down I pushed everything baby into the background. DH and I talked about when would be an appropriate time to restart our journey. We decided that after I graduate college would be better for us since we would all be much less stressed out and hopefully our finances would be in order. At the time graduation felt like such a far away time, like when you were a little kid saying, "one day when I grow up..." But it's here (well almost here). I think we will start the preocess again in July to give us a little time to recooperate and time for me to find a job =(. So for now I am getting exited to start thing moving again. Hopefully this will be my last child-free Mother's Day!!!

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