Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My luck is changing

So my last post was looking for some help with creative ways to fund my next IVF cycle... Since I got an overwhelming response from all my blogging friends ** ENTER SARCASM HERE** I decided to come up with a plan on my own. I actually came up with many different plans. Plan 1) Sell our house & live with my in-laws for a year, save up money that would go to the mortgage. This would be a great idea EXCEPT I am a horrible house keeper & my MIL keeps a meticulous house, NOT GONNA WORK! Plan 2) Sell our broken boat for what we owe on it so that we reduce one more bill & can exchange it with a baby bill. This idea sounds PERFECT except my sweet husband is absolutely in love with our boat. Our boat is like his "man cave". Boat plan is out of the question. Plan 3) Become an egg donor. I thought this would be a great idea because our fertility issues have nothing to do with poor egg quality & I hear you can make a couple thousand dollars doing this!! Plus I would be helping a lot of people who are in a similar boat as me. Talked to my Babe about this plan & he was very uncomfortable with this idea. He can't quite get over the thought that I would have a biological baby living somewhere in this world. So for now this plan is a no-go but we may re-visit it in the future (I would love to give back!)

So with all of my plans shot down we are still left with No money & No baby. Being unemployed I have had a lot of time which I generally spend 70% of it online. I am either searching for jobs or perusing facebook. I happened to mention on my facebook page that I was UNEMPLOYED & actively looking for a job to occupy my time. When out of no where I got a job offer!!!! A chat window popped up on my facebook screen. It was my Uncle's-wife's (my aunt by marriage) brother's wife (my aunt's sister-in-law). She is the nurse manager of a small ambulatory surgery center & offered me a per diem nursing job! WOOOOOHOOOOO!! I started last week & I absolutely LOVE IT!!

"Per diem" means that I don't owe them any set number of hours & they don't owe me set hours. BUT if they need someone I am available to fill the holes. I should be getting around 20 hours per week, which isn't a lot but on a nurses salary it's enough to start IVF again!! YAYYYYYYYY!!!!! We called the loan company & were approved for a personal loan & now that I am working we will have enough to cover the payments! This job is not only perfect in the monetary aspect, but since it's only per diem I will have the time & flexibility in my schedule to do all of the monitoring. PERFECT. So I have to call my clinic's nurse today but the NEW plan is to start again in August. Hooray for luck!

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