Monday, April 5, 2010

Random acts of kindness & PG announcement

I have been a really bad blogger lately...SORRY! This is gonna be a 2 for 1 kinda post to make it up to you guys =).

I was working Friday night, me & some of the other girls I work with were sitting around chatting. We were all talking about our plans for Easter. My in-laws don't celebrate Easter (Jewish), My mom's family was doing dinner over an hour away from my house, & I wasn't invited to my grandparent's house because my dad was goin (damn daddy issues). I told the girls I normally make up an Easter basket for my god-daughter but this year I am just really broke because of school (&IVF but i didn't tell them that). Well when I came in to work Saturday night Tara, a respiratory therapist stopped me & said, "I have something in the lounge for you." I thought she was confused, I said, "FOR ME? really?" She proceeded to tell me that she went to WalMart to pick up some last minute Easter stuff for her kiddies and she picked up a basket for me to give to my god-daughter! I was so thankfull & immediately hugged her! What a great, super duper nice thing for one person to do for another person. Random acts of kindness like that restore my faith in the world!!!

Part 2 of my post...I have become really close friends with one of the girls in my nursing class-Sarah. She got married last year in August & lives about an hour away from me. She decided about 2 months ago that she was going to start trying to get pregnant. I was super supportive and excited for her. So guess WHAT?!? She's pregnant. Son of a bitch... She got pregnant on the first freaking try! UGH what a kick in the ovaries. I am very excited and love her dearly but why did she have to get pregnant first?? I am trying to be the nice friend & I congratulated her & listened to her talk about it. Hopefully I am not to far behind her and our babies can be best friends lol (Super cheesie, yes I know)

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