Thursday, March 18, 2010

Did I just get a job offer?!?

At my appt. Tuesday DH & I were talking to the Dr. about my upcoming graduation... Dr. said, "Remind me again what degree you will be graduating with?"
I proudly proclaim NURSING.

Dr., "Well what area of nursing would you like to get into?"
Me, "I'm not really sure yet. Possibly maternity."
Dr., "Well you know fertility nursing is a great area to get into. We are always looking for great people *WINK*. Plus you would come with a wealth of knowledge & experience."

I look over at my DH & continue to tell my Dr. that I had actually considered fertility nursing. I mean me ~INFERTILE~ working with other infertiles & helping them have their dream babies. Plus it is something I am totally interested in. I would love to be keep up to date with all the infertility changes after I am finished with my first IVF cycle. Also, there has to be some kind of IVF benefit working for your clinic... I am totally stoked, I have looked more & more into this & it is a front runner in the options pool.

What do you think guys? An infertile working at the fertility clinic. It almost feels like a would be a mole or a spy, gathering info from teh other side & bringing it to the infertile side?


  1. What a perfect situation for you, and also your future patients. When I went in to see a nurse practitioner for my annual exam and told her I was going thru IVF, she told me she too had gone through IF, treatments and ended up adopting 2 babies and having 2 of her own. I also met a nurse at my RE's office who did my IUI that also went through IF. It was a really nice experience chatting up with someone who can relate. I really hope this works out for you. Really.

  2. I think it would be perfect. Your the perfect person to totally understand what the women are going through....I say go for it because honestly I wish there was more inferts working in the clinics.

  3. i say go for it! it would b so nice to have a nurse that could relate to what the patients are going through.
    I feel like I speak with my nurse more often that with my RE!

    Good luck w/exams and pre-congrats on graduating!