Friday, April 23, 2010

RE appointment...

I had a "NO PERIOD" appointment today at my RE's office. They drew some blood (FAV blood lady) & then popped in a surprise ultrasound(FAV u/s tech). I wish I would have known this because I would have shaved lol. I guess Mr. Wandy doesn't care one way or the other =) So they said I have 20 follicles on my left & 18 follicles on my right. They said my lining was thick-ish. The nurse thinks I either had an anovulatory cycle with no bleeding or I just haven't fallen into a regular cycle since my ER. I got a prescription for Provera & will know later this afternoon if I am supposed to start taking it or not. My nurse said she would like to put me back on BCPs until we are ready to start my next IVF cycle so that I remain regular. I never had any period problems prior to IF...ugh gotta love it.

In happier news, I got an 80 on my test Wednesday B-) I only have 2 more classes, 2 more finals, & 23 days until I graduate!!! Then NCLEX-RN here I come (state boards for nursing) WOOOOOHOOOO!!!

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