Thursday, March 18, 2010

My WTF appointment...

I have been a very bad blogger lately & have completely avoided the topic of IF... Well ladies & gentleman here it is, the long awaited WTF appointment. My DH & I geared up for our 8 am appt. As we were driving in I began to feel extremely grumpy, which later turned into DREAD. I did not want to go to that appt. I was so afraid I would get really emotional & my emotions wouldn;t be relevant or acknowledged. SO we get to the office & what do I hear? A screaming child... My RE's office has a no kid policy so this was not something I expected to hear & quite frankly I was pissed at the sound of it. This lady was there with 2 little kids. We waited for 30 minutes before we got back to see our Dr.

As the receptionist led us back to the Dr.s office I was starting with the nerves & almost felt like I could throw up at any minute. We get into the office with my Dr. & he apologized for the wait & said, "Your time is very important to me *WINK*' && I fell in love with our Dr. all over again.

To sum up our appt. the Dr. said he feels he was too conservative in my med dosing. Also, I was overly sensitive to the Lupron. He said he will change up most of my drugs for the next cycle to an antagonist protocol. I will be taking follistim (using the pen YIKES), menopur, & ganirelex. Then we tried to figure out a timeline of events. We talked to the Dr. because we are concerned with starting a cycle in April because I will be graduating from Nursing school & I don't want ANYTHING to interrupt that!!! The Dr. was excited about my graduation & agreed that we should wait until May or June when I will be less stressed out because of school.

Next he asked us about our finances!! Can you believe it, a dr concerned about us being able to afford it?!?! We will be reimbursed from services not rendered during our last cycle. We also receive 20% off our fertility services through our clinic's shared help program, The dr. said he wants to take our drug cost off the table, COMPLETELY off the table!!! He wants to hoard drugs just for me so that I don;t have to pay for fertility drugs YAY I was SOOOOO excited to hear that. I also think i got a job offer but i will write a separate post about that.

So here's my goody bag of drugs they could scrounge from the office =)

So here's to a great appointment & hopefully a great next IVF cycle!

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  1. Yay for a great meeting with the doc. Double yay for free meds! So glad thing are going well for you. I have been on both Follistim and Menopur, but not ganirelex. Follistim pen is a piece of cake. It's the easiest of all the shot, in my opinion. Good luck, can't wait for your cycle to start. And congrats on graduating from nursing school!