Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekend FUN

This was one of the first weekends in FOREVER (well not forever but like a month or two) that I have had off work!!! I worked Friday night 7p-1a and slept until 12p Saturday morning. Me & the hubby went to one of our favorite little mom & pop places for brunch. Had some amazing french toast yummm. At 4 I pickep up my lil sissy & her friend Meghan for some dress shopping. She has her big 8th grade dance this year & all the girls wear cocktail type dresses. We went to the mall & were there ALL night long. Tori got the cutest little purple dress with a black ribbon & little roslettes on it (pics will come later). Then we had to buy accessories, Necklaces, bracelettes, earrings, & a cute little hair piece!! Meghan got an awesome blue silky dress. We shopped till we dropped & headed home around 9:30pm.

Today the hubby had a meeting at the firehouse (He's the VP) early this morning so I got to sleep in until 9 am!!! When the hubster came home he was feeling sick. Poor guy has had the stomach bug all day. I ran out for pepto, Immodium AD, powerade, & sodas for me =).

Tomorrow it's back to school for me & hopefully work for Clay. I get to learn all about code blue (cardiac arrest) & how to place an IV. I am freakishly excited!!

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