Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Beta results are in...

My Hcg today was 1,069. My sweet nurse D called & practically squealed CONGRATULATIONS into my ear. She was very excited with my "solid" Hcg number. After I got off the phone with my nurse my Dr. called. He was even more excited & said that he feels very good about this.

I immediately called DH @ work & no answer. AHHHH I am so excited, no answer, I NEED to tell him. I call 3 more times & then called his work cell (reserved for very important calls) NO ANSWER! I am dying over here, can't wait to tell him. FINALLY he calls back & I tell him the good news. He was ecstatic but at work so had to maintain his composure. He said he will jump around & scream with me when he gets home.

Next step is another Hcg Thursday & if that looks good an ultrasound next week. AND I get to cut back the yucky suppositories to twice a day instead of three times.


  1. YEAH!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!! Wonderful!!!!!!

  2. CONGRATS!!! What a great strong number!

  3. I knew you were pregnant but I still couldn't wait to see this post (and it still took me a day to get back here - sorry). Congrats! That's an awesome number for a first beta, isnt it? Hooray!

  4. Awesome news!!! I'm so happy for you. You've given me lots of hope!