Sunday, August 1, 2010

Murphy's Law (A.K.A. Alicia's Law)

So yesterday was day 4 of Follisitim & Menopur. I had an U/S & bloodwork in the morning. My U/S tech said that my follicles weren't quite measurable yet but they were getting close. Yesterday around 4 p.m. one of the nurses from my clinic called & said my Estrodial (E2) level was high 656. She said they wanted to take me off the Follistim & see me back for monitoring the following morning.

I went this morning for day 5 U/S & BW. I had about 6 follicles that were measuring in around 10, 11, & 12. I asked the tech if this was a bad thing? She said that it isn't necesarily a bad thing but that I may be responding quickly to the stims. Hopefully my E2 returns to an acceptable level & I don't hyperstim.

More than that I am terrified of this cycle failing. I keep telling my DH I don't know what I will do if it doesn't work this time. What if my cycle get's cancelled because my body is stupid? I am filled with the "What Ifs" & it's driving me crazy. Please continue to think of me during this cycle!


  1. thank you for blogging about your experience.

    my husband and i were married the same day you were! and funny enough, our first ivf cycle is just a few days off from yours. i will start my stim medication in four days--on lupron now. you've inspired me to start my own blog to track this process--as a therapeutic way to express my feelings. like you, i feel that so much is riding on this and can't begin to imagine the devastation i'll feel if it doesn't work.
    keeping my fingers crossed for us both.

  2. I can remember how I felt when I was in your shoes. Best advice would be if you have questions ASK THEM!! Ask your Dr., Nurse, U/S tech, online friends... I am fairly timid but I have learned to find my voice! I am excited for you & if you ever have questions or want to talk you can always ask me.

  3. I am thinking of you guys! Try to be as positive as you can. Chase those thoughts away. The worry does not affect the outcome at all! Hugs!

  4. Thanks for your comment! How exciting that you're in your 2WW with 2 awesome blastocysts! You'll have to post an update soon so that I know how you're doing. Good luck!!!