Saturday, August 21, 2010

2WW bites the big one!

Okay guys I have been a VERY bad blogger lately but things happened so quickly that by the time I had one post in my head something new had happened. Since I last posted LOTS has happened. So I had my egg retrieval on Friday August 6. The Dr. was able to retrieve 20 eggs!! Out of the 20 eggs, 14 were mature & 9 fertilized. We had 3 embryo frozen from our previous cycle but only 1 made it past thawing. So we had 10 embryo ready for PGD. On day 3 one cell from each embryo was sent away for genetic testing. Out of the 10 embryo, 5 had the mutated cancer gene. Day 5 was my transfer day Wed Aug 11. Together with our Dr. we reviewed the PGD report & decided to transfer our #2 & #3 embryos (#1 had the cancer gene). My Dr. seemed extremely enthusiastic about the quality of embryo we transferred.

Transfer day didn't go as smoothly as I had hoped it would. My ovaries were still swollen & pretty large which made me feel like my bladder was fuller than it actually was. I was TERRIFIED of peeing on the table. It didn't help that the u/s lady was forcefully pushing on my stomach with the u/s wand. So my kind Dr. emptied my bladder for me so I could rest comfortably on the table.

SO here I am in the 2WW & it blows! I am an increadibly impatient person so waiting & I don't go well together. I have been naughty & POAS on 5dpt, 7dpt, & 9dpt. I still have three HPTs left & intend on using them all. So far I have gotten BFPs but I know not to get my hopes up. i think more than anything I am using these as something to pass the time. Plus my super sweet DH loves to read the results for me =) So the waiting continues until my beta Tuesday 8/24.


  1. No way!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!! Super, super great!!!!!!! Fingers crossed for the 24th :)

  2. If you're getting BFPs 9 days past a 5 day transfer (14 dpo) I would say that you're PREGNANT!!!!! Congratulations! I bet it's twins. :-)

  3. POAS this morning & got another BFP.