Thursday, February 11, 2010

Freak Out

So yesterday & I had a bit of a breakdown. Emotions are so hard to deal with when you have nothing else to do. What I mean is I have been stuck in my house on account of another huge snowstorm. Of course I could study, or read, or craft...but no I choose to deal with my feelings. I had about an hour long cryfest on the couch last nights because i just couldn't hold it in any longer. I am still pretty disappointed that out of everything I got 2 good embryo & 1 ok embryo.

Me & the hubby had a great talk & we are really working through this together. I see it more of a loss (time, money, emotions) where as he feels, "it's not the end of the world" we have plenty of time to do it again. It has been really hard but we are trying.

Dr. called this morning to tell me they froze all 3 embryo even though 1 is not so promising & he can't wait to see us again to discuss everything. *Sigh* Please pray for us!

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  1. I just prayed for you and while it is tough, it is good to face our feelings and deal with them. I'm glad your DH is supportive and optimistic. Hope you're feeling better today.