Saturday, February 6, 2010

Retrieval Day =)

The day has come... retrieving my future babies. Last night I was very nervous and had a terribly upset stomach. I was on the toilet, off the toilet, hanging out in the bathroom just in case I needed the toilet. I finally woke up my hubby & began to relax. I finally fell asleep around 11 or 12. We woke up this morning around 5 am and got ready to leave our hotel. We decided to drive over to the fertility center because it's about 3 blocks away & I wanted to ride home in case I was feeling yucky post retrieval. After we left the hotel parking lot we got stuck for about 10 minutes (I was completely stressed & thought this was an omen). We got to the office right around 6 am. Me & 3 other couples were taken back into the "pre-retrieval/recovery" area. The nurses got me all set up for the anesthesiologist & the wait was on. Around 7:30 the anesthesiologist came in & started my IV (he used an awesome numbing med so I didn't even feel it YES!) The dr. came in to explain the procedure & have me & hubs sign some forms. Then anesthesiologist came back & it was on...I walked to the OR, sat down on the bed, I saw anesthesiologist put some kind of drug in my IV. I remember a nurse asking my social & telling me I got it right, after that... Next thing I remember waking up in recovery & the nurse telling me in 5 minutes she would be back to take me on a walk & then I could be discharged. I was discharged after my little walk & came back to my hotel room & slept for a couple of hours.

I am still in the hotel because the roads are nasty. One more night to relax here with my babe =) I am feeling GREAT! A little sleepy & very little cramping. Retrieval was cake. We got 8 eggs & tomorrow will find out how many fertilized.

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  1. Great news! Lots of rest and relaxation and many prayers for your future babies!!