Monday, February 15, 2010


This morning my friend called & said she was in excrutiating pain & couldn't move & couldn't hold her baby. I went over & took her 3 year old to daycare. Then I came back, changed, fed, & rocked her baby to sleep. BTW. She has a kink in her neck...

She is the one friend who knows EVERYTHING about what has been going on. I was in the car with her when my Dr. called to cancel my cycle. I like being a good friend, but I also think it's a little insensitive for her to push her baby on me.

Maybe this is me being overly sensitive but I have told her that it is really hard for me to deal with babies & pregnancy right now. I wish my friend would be a little more sensitive to my situation.


  1. You are an amazing friend to have done that today for a kink in her neck.

  2. Hi there, stopping by from ICLW. Yeah, that is a bit insensitive of your friend, but how amazing that you would do it!

  3. Thanks guys! I think I'm getting stepped on, which happens a lot to me because I try to be nice.