Tuesday, February 9, 2010

More updates & the bad news continues

Re called me this mornign while I was in the walmart parking lot gearing up for tonights snow storm. He told me that Embie #1 is growing appropriately & is at the 8 cell stage, Embie #2 is at the 7 cell stage (a little behind), Embie #3 is stuck at 4 cells & not growing.

The Dr. said he doesn't feel comfortable continuing on at this point because our embies still need to be tested for RB. With only 1 growing at an appropriate rate he doesn't think it's finincially sound to do the genetic testing.

His plan; stop all my current meds, freeze the 2 embies that are still growing, start again in April.

Me, I am a big fucking wreck! We had to beg & borrow just to pay for this cycle ($11,000) Meds ($2,700) & genetic testing ($6,000). I don't know if we will be bale to pay for another cycle in April. I don;t want to be so far in the hole that we can;t afford to spoil our little one rotten. Emotionally, I feel so let down & disappointed. Throughout this cycle everyone I encountered has been extremely optimistic about my cycle resulting in a healthy pregnancy. I am at my lowest bottom. Please send prayers & thoughts mine & hubbys way.


  1. Alicia-I am so sorry to hear this news. There is nothing more that I can say, but know that I am sending you lots of blog hugs and hoping that something happens and you are able to try again in April.

    Lots of love...

  2. Thanks Christina! Just having some support is nice.