Monday, February 1, 2010


Another appointment this morning for bloodwork & an ultrasound. My follicles still look nice, growing appropriately. They actually looked HUGE on the monitor screen. I have to go back for an appointment Wed. & then every day after that until Sunday. You know when you go somewhere so frequently you start to make favorites & enemies...I have a favorite u/s girl. She is nice but not overly talkative (something weird about having a full discussion with a probe in you vag) She also is pretty gentle & honest! Now my girl. There is one girl who draws my blood & ALWAYS leaves me with a horrendouse bruise that is sore for days. Example, the lovely bruise on my left elbow crack from bw done on Sat. I have a favorite bw girl who leaves me with only a small red dot after bw. I think that is a sign you got to the office too much.
Hopefully my retrieval is this Sunday! Busy life until then, Clinicals tonight (yes I have to shoot up outside the mental hospital again tonight ;-)) Studying & catch up on reading tommorrow plus seeing my baby goddaughter, Class & clinicals Thursday, work Fri. & Sat. night. Makes me tired just thinking about it =)

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