Friday, February 5, 2010

New Developments

Well....I didn't make my u/s & bw appointment for this morning because...I triggered last night =) My nurse called yesterday afternoon to tell me I have several mature follicles & my estrogen level dropped so we needed to trigger & then set up the retrieval for Saturday morning. I kind of freaked & had a small panic attack. I didn't eve have a chance to read over teh paperwork about triggering & retieval yet because of my clinicals & class yesterday. So I took an extra large dose of Menopur & Gonal-F. Then the trigger shot, I had my loving hubby do my trigger shot last night. I am a bit of a needle phobe so I was freaking out about him doing this. BUT he did a FABOLOUS job. By the time he was finished I was saying, "Is it in babe? Did you do it?" He showed me the empty syringe with a big smile & said, "Yup!" It was fine I didn't feel it at all. About 10 minutes later I deffinitely felt it in the backside. We are now sitting in a lovely hotel because mother nature is a bitch. We are expecting anywhere from 12-24 inches of snow starting this afternoon so we decided to make the trip today & spend the night so we don't have to worry with traveling. So tomorrow morning have to sign in at 6am at the office & we are scheduled for retrieval at 8 am. Wish me luck!!!

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  1. Woo hoo! It's retrieval time! Good luck, and enjoy your stay at the hotel.