Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Fun

Christmas is finally over & I have had some time to relax & reflect. I had to work Christmas night so the hubs & I tried to do most of our celebrating on Christmas eve. The first stop was our best friends Michael & Michelle's house. We watched our god daughter Olivia open presents. She was really excited & I had a great time watching her!

Next stop my granparents house. My mom, brother, & sister were there too. We had the traditional Italian "Feast of the Fish". It was yummy as always. Then on to the presents...My sister got the Nikon Cool Pics (Ashton Kutcher Camera) she really wanted & her face was absolutely priceless!! My grandfather plays Santa Clause & hands out all the gifts. As he was handing Clay & I our gifts he quietly said, "Maybe this time next year we will have someone elses to buy gifts for." So exciting to think about a new little baby to buy gifts for!! Clay & I got the Wii & Wii Fit we really wanted!! When we came home that evening I was so excited to play my new Wii that I talked Clay into setting it up. I played for about an hour and then bed.

We got up the next morning & exchanged stockings at our house. Clay loved his new movie (Inglorious Bastards) & all the boxers hehe. I got a super cute snowman paper towel holder =)
Next stop my in-laws to celebrate with all Clay's sibling & their children. Mom & Dad made an awesome breakfast & the kids all LOVED their gifts!

I absolutely can't wait until next year when hubs & I can show off our little one in a cute Christmas outfit & just share all the joy. Next visit to SGF is 12/29/09 for a mock embryo transfer & injection classes...Wish me luck

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