Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mock & meds OH MY!

Today was my mock embryo transfer & injection class. I am seriously starting to think I'm an omen. As soon as I get brought back to a room the power goes out. So instead of seeing my regular doctor I had to see a new doctor. Next was the injection class, which was a little redundant since I already know how to give injections. I hurried home because my meds were being overnighted & they had to be signed for & then refrigerated. They arrived around 2 pm & I pulled them all out & refrigerated them. My oh my it was overwhelming looking at all the different meds, syringes, pills, needles... I tried to figure them out as best I can & then I headed over to my best friend's house to see their new baby!

She was born 12/28/09 @ 6:49 am. She is probably the most relaxed baby I have ever met in my life. I really hope that my baby will be as cool as this kid is lol.

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