Wednesday, December 16, 2009

So I'm not the only crazy lady?!?!

I just finished reading a fellow IVFers blog & I finally ahve a feeling of "I'm not the only one" As I sat and read her posts, many with feelings of anger & resentment I thought ok so it's not just me! It was really nice to have a little confirmation that although I am only in the beginning of my IVF process my feelings are relatively normal. I think every female friend U have has "unepectedly" gotten pregnant. I just want to say, "SERIOUSLY???" I am married, I am working on a nursing degree, My husband has a great job, we have a nice house, 2 spacious vehicles...WHY NOT ME!! I am so thankful to know I am a normal kind of crazy. So I have ordered a book called, "Navigating the Land of If" I am hoping it will also provide me with a little relief. I am however afraid of all the pain & discomfort I will have when I start all the meds. I just pray every day for luck & babies =)

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