Sunday, January 31, 2010

Stimulation ;-)

I am moving right along with my STIMS! I had an u/s & bloodwork Saturday morning. The tech said my follicles are growing & they look "lovely." My estrogen level is rising appropriately. I have been continuing on with my am Lupron & pm stims. I have another appointment tomorrow morning to see how I am progressing. This may sound stupid but I SWEAR I can feel my ovaries growing. It sort of feels like a gas bubble low in my belly that just won't go away. I told the u/s tech & she said that what I am feeling probably is my ovaries because they are currently double the size they normally would be. How crazy to feel things growing inside your body! I can't wait until I am feeling a little person growing inside my belly =) As the days pass my excitement grows & grows. I just can't wait!!!

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