Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lupron Day #2 Short term pain...Long term gain (=

Yesterday when i took my lupron shot it kind of stung. I think it was just the shock of putting a shot in belly because today was absolutely fine. I am almost out of syringes because I took 6 days worth of Lupron before I was postponed. I am hoping my coach has a few extra I can use to save me a little bit $$$. ''

I am starting to do better with my emotions. I think since Danielle put my IVF life back into prespective I am able to think more clearly. Whenever I get sad or jealous I just think "Short term PAIN for a LONG term gain" I think anyone going through IVF should have a slogan, something to live by. I have my wonderful COACH & awesome hubby & my slogan =)


  1. Hi there! I'll be following you. Will take some time later to read your earlier posts.

  2. I just got done reading your blog. You are so lucky to have a IVF coach. I wish I had one too. I have a friend that went through IVF twice but failed both times. Incredibly she got pregnant naturally after that, unexpected of course. We talk sometimes but she is in FL and I'm in MN. All the best! And congrats on getting done with nursing school.

  3. Thank you! If you ever need a little support just let me know, I may not know everything but I am a good supporter lol