Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Short term pain...LONG term gain

So now that I have had time for things to sink in I am REALLY excited! I havebeen plannign my injections... I will do them around 6PM every night so that i don't have to worry with doing them at work. The only down fall is my clinicals which go from 1-8 & 3-9. I e-mailed the instructor to let her know I have an injection that I will need to take a short break for. Hope that works our for me. At least it's cold enought that I can leave my meds out in the car.
I go back to the dr. Saturday to check my follicles. The nurse today told me I am taking a higher than usual dose of stims so maybe I will be able to retrieve & transfer earlier than expected (*WISHFUL THINKING*) I am just SUPER ready to get this show started & make room for BABY!!!!


  1. I didn't know the injections had to be done at an exact time and that you can't pick the time. Thanks for that info!

  2. They should be done at the same time (give or take an hour) I have a crazy schedule so I like to keep everything on a strict schedule so I don't mess up haha!!!