Monday, January 25, 2010

Lupron Day#8

I was hoping to wake up this morning to AF's arrival but it appears she is still in hiding. Any other time I would love that she was eluding me but now is time for her to COME OUT!!! Lupron shot went great this morning! I am trying to rotate which side of my belly I use but I keep forgetting which side I used the day before. Maybe I should write it down or something.

Me & the hubs got into a fight last night during our usual pillow talk. It was a really stupid little argument but my feelings are still a little bruised. I brought up Valentines Day because I am normally working or Clay is working or we just don't have time to do anything...So I suggested that this year we should "do something special" Clay interpreted this as spending lots of $$$$. I would be completely satisfied if he drove me down to the water witha picnic dinner & enjoyed each others company. But nope, he just got really mad & said I want way too much. Our transfer date is supposed to be Feb. 12th & he thinks a baby should be enough to satisfy me.

Am I being stupid? Was it just a small silly fight, or should I be a little hurt?


  1. You are not being stupid. Men don't read between the lines as much as we do. Or they read between the lines and get it wrong. It was really just miscommunication. So just tell him exactly what you want and that it is not just to receive, but to give.

  2. THANKS!! I really needed a little perspective