Sunday, January 3, 2010

Well Hello 2010!

So the New Year has come & I rang it in at work with some great people. I haven't posted much recently because I have been working every night & then sleeping every day. Needless to say I have been utterly exhausted. I have been taking my Lupron every day & it is going very well!! On day 2 I started with a wicked cold so I picked up a variety of meds to include to my IVF drugs. I am now takin Lupron, baby aspirin (no BCPs woo hoo!!) prenatal vitamins, vitamin C, Tylenol cold severe in the awake time, Sudafed PE in the sleep time. I was drinking so much orange juice to try & combat this cold that I now have a beautiful cold sore on my lip. So now I have included L-Lysine & a topical cream to my ritual. I think I have finally beaten this cold or at least come super close but the cold sore is still lingering. I should start my period around 1/5/09 & then I see the Dr. for bloodwork & an ultrasound. Let the baby-making BEGIN!!!

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