Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lupron Day #7

Week 1 of Lupron down. Now the wait begins...AF was supposed to rear her ugly little head today but is still hibernating. Week 1 of shots to the abdomen has been quite well. No major issues, no bruises (I bruise very easily+Baby Aspirin=BRUISES).

In other news; tomorrow is my first day of my psych rotation for clinicals. I was very nervous because we aren't allowed to wear our traditional white scrubs. The nursing faculty told us to dress in business casual but women pay close attention to your dress. Be aware of your neckline & be sure not to show any cleavage. They even suggesting bending over in front of a mirror to, "see what happens." I have never ever put that much effort into dressing in my life. I was telling the hubs how nervous I was about the dress code & he insisted I go shopping. He didn't have to tell me twice! I got a ton of new shirts (that do nothing fun when I bend over) I now feel very prepared to talk to some veterans with interesting psychiatric disorders. I hope to learn a lot!!

Also, tomorrow my sissy is coming to visit me. She is 13 & very fun. She is also very easy to entertain, so I am sure we'll have a great time tomorrow!!!

My beautiful lil sissy =)

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