Friday, January 22, 2010

No more BCPS!!!

I am on Lupron day #4 & last night was the last for my BCPs (birth control pills) I am so excited to be one step closer to a baby. Technically being of the BC means nothing but emotionally it means BABY!!! I should expect AF around the 24th & see the Dr. for bw & an U/S. Every small step seems like a big leap closer to BABY!!

Clay & I were laying in bed last night having some pillow talk (= We were discussing our future baby names hehe. He actually came up with some for the first time! He was completely involved in teh conversation which was unusual. He doesn't liek to talk about our future children because it makes him excited & he's afraid of a let down. We picked out some really cute names that we both like!! I can't wait for BABY

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  1. Yeah for being one step closer and finishing your BCPs! I know I was very excited to get past the BCPs with my IVF last year. Best wishes to you as you move forward!